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Getting dressed is a routine we all go through, every single morning. But when it goes wrong it can spoil your day. How you look, and more importantly how you feel in what you are wearing, can really affect your mindset and your confidence. 

It's true that most women wear a mere 20% of their clothing, 80% of the time. So what's that other 80%? Jeans from 10 years ago. A gorgeous expensive hand-me-down jumper that's just not quite right. Dresses with tags still attached. Trousers two sizes too small. T-shirts that weren't mean to last five months much less five years. 

Sound familiar? Well it's time for a detox. 

If you don’t love it, it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t flatter or it doesn’t suit your lifestyle – it doesn't belong hanging in your wardrobe! My goal is to bring clarity to your clothing and take the stress out of getting dressed each morning. 

Your Wardrobe Detox Session includes:


  • Pre-session consultation so that I can understand more about who you are in order to make sure your clothes serve the right purpose and your wardrobe is organised accordingly

  • Going through each item in your wardrobe (time dependent!) to determine which items are working for you on every level, and which are not

  • Showing you how to create new outfits from the items you already have (including pictures if you like)

  • Organising your wardrobe to meet your dressing goals

  • A Shopping List of items that will fill in the gaps of your current wardrobe

  • We can also look through shoes and accessories!

I guarantee that after our session you’ll feel refreshed and revived and getting dressed the next day will be that much easier. 

Wardrobe Weedout and Organising

Price Options
One-time purchase
Pay in 3 Instalments
£60.00every month for 3 months
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