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If you had to use only one makeup item...

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

For me it has always been a lipstick. Imagine my disappointment during Covid-19 mask situation. No, I didn’t customise my accessory so that it shows large red lips. I simply had to learn to wear it with a lipstick underneath.

For my one-and-only match it has to be matt, staying on for hours like a glamorous plaster changed daily. I’ve tested many of them, ranging from Louis Vuitton and some cheap knock-offs from Ali-express (actually some of them not that bad, apart from lack of aroma) however, my go to favourite is currently Superstay Matte Ink by Maybeline.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's not a novelty and it's been on the market for ages. That's how you probably guessed that I am not promoting the product. I simply love it and presently I'm not ready to part with this lipstick. And I've got most of the main shades... or at least all the shades I managed to snatch... even the ones that don't suit me. Just in case they will.

I like matching the colour to my look and feeling the lipstick layer as if it's my second skin or pair of lips if you like.

Because I'm a soft autumn with some features of soft summer (especially in winter, when my tan is gone and forgotten) I swap orangey tones for cherry shades depending on the temperature of my skin colouring (do not confuse with body temperature).

The formula is very pigmented and sort of creamy, not particularly liquid. It dries in the matter of seconds to a proper matte finish. Right after application the ink is sticky so try not to press your lips together in the mean time as it can create patchiness.

They have sort of sweet vanilla scent to them.

I also collect samples of lipsticks for my sessions with clients . Once I determine best colours for them and the time to try on outfits comes I give my client the best lipstick shade to apply. It makes a huge impact. I use mostly Avon ones for this, purely because there are multiple shades and the brand products are tested hence generally safe. Nevertheless, before applying any lipstick I always ask a client about any allergies and I gift the used sample to the client.

And, no I'm not an Avon representative. I simply find the samples convenient and fit-for-purpose in what I do.

Right, so what's your one and only makeup item?

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